The Crisis: Who is Behind the Extermination?

At the heart of the Guinea Worm crisis is the United Nations, along with several powerful global agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In May 2000, these powerful institutions were joined by a new funding crusade to bring about the eradication of the Guinea Worm... by none other than Bill Gates and his "Gates Foundation." It is hard to believe that these respected organizations, which spend untold billions of dollars toward the alledged improvement of life on earth, would embark upon such a reckless and destructive campaign. Yet the potential environmental ramifications of Guinea Worm eradication have gone virtually ignored for years as the number of surviving Guinea Worms continued to plummet.

As of July 2000, the Guinea Worm had been completely eradicated in Europe. The species clings to life in a handful of African nations, where efforts to destroy it continue.

The Guinea Worm Destruction Cartel claims to have the best interests of humankind at their heart. Like all members of a functioning ecosystem, the Guinea Worm interacts with other members of the ecosystem to complete its life-cycle. Yet because the Guinea Worm is unlucky enough to rely upon humanity for its self preservation, it is branded a "parasite" and targeted for destruction.

At first, this approach seems to make sense from a health standpoint. Interaction with Guinea Worms is linked with painful health complaints among many people in the developing world. Certainly those people deserve a better life. Yet armed with this justification, "health" officials in the Cartel hatched a plan to bring about the most short-sighted option possible -- the complete elimination of a living species from the planet.

The Guinea Worm eradication cannot be compared to campaigns against small pox or polio for one simple reason: the Guinea Worm is not a disease microbe, but a living animal. It has a nervous system. Its hearts pump blood through its small body. It experiences pain. And for thousands, perhaps millions of years, it has inhabited the earth unmolested. Until human hubris threatened its very future.

Fortunately, you don't have to stand idly by while the Guinea Worm is forciby removed from planet earth! You can take action to help save the Guinea Worm!


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