The Preservers

The Preservers comprise an elite group of volunteers selected by the Foundation to assist in the protection of the Guinea Worm. Preservers back up their deeply-held beliefs on the importance of protecting the earth's most endangered species by offering their own bodies as hosts for Guinea Worms. By submitting to the physical discomfort that accompanies Guinea Worm infection, the Preservers hope to carry with them the seeds of future generations of Guinea Worms.

Being a Preserver isn't easy, but with the challenges comes the reward of helping protect the earth's most endangered species.The Preservers' valiant efforts will help preserve the species in the face of almost certain destruction at the hands of the Guinea Worm Destruction Cartel led by the United Nations.

Two groups of volunteers have successfully hosted needy Guinea Worms, and we have received an overwhelming number of applications for our third group of Preservers.

While we cannot consider any new applications at this time, we welcome requests for additional information as you consider joining our elite corps.


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